WAS Germany Office Dog Lila

July 14, 2022

Office dogs: our mood-boosting colleagues

Allow us to introduce our four adorable staff members Nike, Lila, Nala and Fritzi! We started welcoming furry helpers at the office over a year ago – initially just two – and they quickly became an indispensable part of the team. Today, we can’t imagine working life without our office dogs, so we thought it was high time they got a special mention in our magazine.

Introduction to our office dogs at WAS Germany


Why we opted for office dogs

It goes without saying that our four-legged colleagues are incredibly cute – but that’s not all they bring to the team: studies have shown that the presence of dogs has a positive effect on the office atmosphere and employee well-being.

Specifically, office dogs help reduce stress levels. This was proven back in 2012 by a team from Virginia Commonwealth University. Study participants stated that they felt less pressure and stress when they were allowed to bring their own dogs to work. Even at the start of the day, those with dogs were significantly more relaxed than their colleagues without a furry companion – and they continued to show significantly lower stress levels throughout the day.

In fact, everyone in the office can benefit from the presence of office dogs – not just the owners. When we pet a dog, our body and the dog’s body produce the bonding hormone oxytocin. In addition, stroking pets stimulates production of the happiness hormone dopamine, which reduces stress and ensures a greater sense of well-being.

WAS Germany Office Dog Nala

Another plus is that dogs encourage exercise, as we have to walk them, play with them, feed them and take care of them. This means we are constantly taking short breaks from our desks to get up and move around. Physical activity of any kind clears the mind, is good for our health and our brain, and ultimately reduces the risk of burnout.

So, as you can see, the list of benefits is long. Office dogs even improve communication within the team – particularly helpful in larger companies – as they provide an easy talking point.

Last but not least, office dogs can make a company more attractive to potential applicants. According to a Statista study commissioned by Xing, one third of German employees say that they find an employer more attractive if pets are allowed in the workplace.


Office dogs: our conclusion

Our office dog trial proved a huge success in a very short space of time. Here are the main reasons why we would recommend other companies also enrich their daily working life by welcoming dogs:

Five Reasons for Office Dogs

Do you have any questions about dogs in the workplace? Write us a message on Linkedin or Instagram.

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