Magazinbeitrag von WAS Germany zur Water is Right (WIR) Weihnachtsaktion

December 15, 2023

Merry Christmas

Where sharing begins – Water Is Right

An estimated 2.1 billion people around the globe have no access to clean drinking water, three billion people lack access to basic handwashing facilities, and 2.1 million people die every year from illnesses related to poor sanitation. These alarming figures make it clear just how urgent the problem of water supply is in many parts of the world.

With our Christmas greeting this year, we want to highlight the true meaning of Christmas – sharing. We would like to take this opportunity introduce you to the NGO we are supporting this year: Water Is Right. Instead of sending out Christmas presents to our customers and partners, we are donating to help provide people in Kenya with access to clean water.

Water is Right Aktion in Kenya, Menschen vor einer WIR Wasser und Sanitär Station


Clean drinking water as a human right – Water Is Right is helping make this resolution a reality

The Water Is Right Foundation is fighting for the fairer distribution of clean drinking water around the globe. It is firmly committed to improving local water resources and using innovative solutions to bring clean water to remote regions. But the foundation also helps those in need to gain independence from charities by teaching communities water management techniques. In addition, the NGO organises “city clean-ups” to raise local awareness of environmental issues, and advises institutions, companies and government agencies on water-related issues. In all of its work, the focus in on the sustainable use of local water resources, with tailor-made solutions for every region in which it is active.

Freiwillige der NGO Water is Right


We are directly supporting the Kilifi project in Kenya

The town of Kilifi in Kenya is home to around 30,000 people, some 10,000 of which do not have adequate access to clean water. The Water Is Right project in Kilifi, which is where we are sending our donations, employs a variety of methods to sustainably improve the location’s water and sanitation situation.

Method 1

The most fundamental aspect of the project is educating the local people and raising awareness about the importance of clean water and good sanitation.

To achieve this, five people in Kilifi are being trained as water and wastewater technicians.

Method 2

The physical infrastructure surrounding access to water is being repaired, developed and expanded. This includes the construction of wells and other water sources.

This is where our financial support begins, helping the newly trained water technicians carry out maintenance, servicing and renovation work on drinking water sources in schools and hospitals (which have been inspected by Water Is Right).

Method 3

Efforts are made to ensure that the new water sources and water management techniques can be maintained and developed over the long term. This also involves the provision of tools and spare parts.

To this end, we are supporting the construction of a tool and spare parts warehouse at a guarded Water is Right project site, to which the local technicians will have round-the-clock access.

Gruppe von Kindern in Kenya, die sich für Wasser bedanken


Donations instead of gifts – Because sharing is caring

By supporting Water Is Right with our donations, we are directly helping improve the lives of people in the Kenyan town of Kilifi. Every euro helps more people gain access to clean water. By allowing us to forego customer gifts this year and donate instead, you are also helping us do good. If you would like to donate directly and are looking for more information, visit the NGO’s official website: Water is Right.

Let’s all share this Christmas and support this important project – to help make the basic human right to clean water a reality for all.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas.

P.S.: If you want to see some of our team in action, you can watch our Christmas video here:

Merry Christmas - YouTube

WAS Germany Team in Weihnachtsoutfits in der WAS Lounge, Merry Christmas und ein Video Play Button
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