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February 28, 2023

6 Oktoberfest tips for your restaurant

"O'zapft is!" It’s almost that time of year again: restaurateurs, event organisers and guests alike are looking forward to Oktoberfest 2022. And in recent years, d’Wiesn fever has spread far beyond Bavaria. With dirndl, Weißwurst and pretzels now found even in northern Germany, you don’t need a beer tent in Munich to get in the Oktoberfest spirit. In this article, we share with you six tips for a successful and profitable Oktoberfest 2022 in your restaurant.


Tip 1: Make a plan

Start by making a concrete plan: how exactly is your restaurant going to celebrate Oktoberfest 2022?

Will you limit it to one themed evening or will it span several weeks? Will the festival take place in your existing space, will you set up a marquee or will you partner up with another location? Will there be live music or will you go for regular service with themed food?

Whatever you decide do to, the following applies: decide on the time frame and setting for your Oktoberfest and work out a concept in advance. Get quotes from service providers who can help you with your project – be it suppliers of typical Bavarian food, producers of the right restaurant equipment, or a classic Schlager DJ.

Oktoberfest flair in the restaurant


Tip 2: Create the right atmosphere

Make it immediately clear to your guests that they can expect Oktoberfest vibes, good beer and traditional dishes at your establishment. You don’t need to go overboard: blue-and-white napkins or bunting and a few salted pretzels can set the tone nicely. You can also go one step further and get some classic Oktoberfest beer glasses and tableware:

WAS Germany tableware, cutlery and glasses

You can find our full range with many more products here.


Tip 3: Use targeted marketing

The demand is there, now you just have to make sure potential guests know about your event. In addition to classic methods like handing out flyers and placing advertisements in newspapers or on the radio, social media platforms are a particularly effective marketing tool. Here, you can inform existing patrons about your Oktoberfest plans while also placing ads intended to reach a pre-defined target group. Plan well in advance and start advertising your Oktoberfest in early September. If you regularly send out newsletters, this is also a great way to spread the word.

Announce Oktoberfest by newsletter

Want some more social media tips? Check out our main dos and don’ts here.


Tip 4: Focus on the food

Oktoberfest is all about traditional food, so whether your event lasts the full two weeks or just one evening, having the right menu is essential. But what exactly is typical Oktoberfest fare? Here are the 10 most popular dishes to give you some inspiration:

  • Weißwurst(white sausage of minced veal) with sweet mustard & pretzels
  • Brathendl (roast chicken)
  • Schweinshaxen (pork knuckle)
  • Wurstsalat (sausage salad)
  • Obatzda (soft cheese dip) with horseradish
  • Leberkäse (smooth baked meatloaf) with sauerkraut
  • Käsespätzle (a southern German mac & cheese)
  • Steckerlfisch (fish grilled on a stick over an open fire)
  • Zwetschgendatschi (plum cake with yeast dough and a crumble topping)
  • Dampfnudeln (steamed sweet buns) with vanilla sauce

And of course, don’t forget some quality Bavarian beer to wash it all down: “Oans, zwoa, drei, Gsuffa!”

Bavarian white sausage breakfast


Tip 5: Keep up with the trends

Oktoberfest may be all about traditional dress, music and food, but exhibitors and guests are also always open to new things. The range of meat-free or even vegan dishes on offer grows every year. Vegan Leberkäse rolls, sauerkraut strudel, pea schnitzel, pan-fried vegetables – there are so many possibilities. You, too, can get creative and round off your menu with some veggie and vegan options. Your guests are sure to be grateful!

Vegan meat alternatives served in a rustic way


Tip 6: Promote special deals

Put together some special deals to get the most out of your Oktoberfest. Create set menus instead of serving à la carte, for example, or advertise with offers like “Buy 3 sausages and get a free pretzel” to increase turnover.

You could also consider offering discounts for larger groups like clubs or companies if they book in advance – which has the added benefit of providing planning security.

Do you have any other ideas for a successful Oktoberfest in the food service industry? Share them with us and others – on  Linkedin or Instagram.

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